Saturday, March 29, 2014


Originally posted February 27, 2014

I've been busy with a home reno project and other stuff.  I have never gone a month without at least posting once, and I do not wish to break that streak now.  
I just wish to note two podcasts that I recommend to the reader, and I doubt either one will be surprising to regular readers.  
The first is Episode one hundred and eighty two of the Token Skeptic Podcast.  Kylie Sturgess has produced a new highlights from previous episode show.  The episode features over twenty audio vignettes since episode one hundred and twenty.  If you are a regular listener of Sturgess' show, it's a nice reminder of past conversations, and reveals the breadth of the people she has interviewed over the past sixty installments of the podcast.  If one has thought about listening to the show, this a great overview of what one can expect.  
The lastest Episode of Monster Talk covers the Gary, Indiana demon, possessed/haunted house case that made the press recently.  If you have not heard about this alleged paranormal incident, it was thoroughly covered over at Doubtful Newsherehere, and here.   The episodes consists of host Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow discussing the alleged incidents and their suggested views on how to skeptically consider the stories and evidence at hand.  It is a very laid back affair.  It is sometimes nice just to hear a pair of intelligent skeptics jawboning on a topic.  
There you have it, two recommendations.  

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