Saturday, March 29, 2014


Originally posted March 22, 2014

Over the past year my choices for consuming skeptical content have changed a fair amount.  I think it is safe to even say that my skeptical media consumption has shifted more in the last year than it has in the seven years of prior skeptical consumption since those carefree days in 2005 when I caught the skeptical bug.  While I wish I could pin this shift to one thing or the other I cannot.  I do think my shifting tastes at least in part is a reflection of my continued unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the house of skepticism and the secular/rationalist neighborhood it resides in general. 
I am torn between authoring a multi-page treatise, and just leaving it to the above.  The method of scientific skepticism I still find quit convincing. The idea of tackling many of life’s issues with the tools of skepticism I find completely sound.  While the accomplishments of skepticism's small numbers continue to fill me with pride, often I am saddened and depressed by skeptics interactions with each other.  
I still find the things and ideas that skeptics tackle: UFOs, quack medicine, psi, hauntings, crypids, battling pseudo-science in the educational system, etc. interesting and sometimes downright important work.  To this end I recently attended part of a paranormal conference hosted by the cultural competition.  I still desire and plan to attend a skeptical conference, and do wish to observe a ghost investigation if given the opportunity.  I find it all very interesting, but of often less gratifying these days and downright wearing.  

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  1. I subscribed to Skeptical Inquirer for decades but dispaired & grew weary of the never-ending mountain of nonsense that people believe. However I now greatly enjoy the many skeptical podcasts that I listen to. There are hundred on my iPod.


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