Sunday, April 13, 2014

Like Savoir-Faire Stuart Robbins is everywhere (or soon to be.)

Dr. Stuart Robbins was recently a guest on Reality Remix Live, which is a web radio broadcast, which as far as I can gather is not a podcast.  So when you click on the link above you'll get another link that you have to right click and save.  If you want to save it to your iPhone or other smartphone of choice to listen to while walking the dog or doing the dishes you'll have to also import it into your player.  I did all of the above, and it is a pain.  It is worth the effort.

I have never heard of Reality Remix, which is not surprising given the vast amount of content on the inter-tubes of the web.  It is a program on ATS Live Radio.  Anyway, Stuart was on the program to discuss conspiracies as described by one of the hosts as a scientific debunker.  I think of myself and Stuart as scientific skeptics, but that did stick out to me.

The show went off track and Stuart and the panel of the show ended up talking about a number of topics including the alleged moon hoax, and in particular, the sub-theory of the moon hoax that aliens have communicated to us not to return.  Stuart does a nice discussion on the pros and cons of the nuances of the peer review processes as well as discussing if the rings of Saturn are a purposely built structure of some sort and not just naturally occurring. Also touched upon was whether there is an interwoven grand universal consciousness that might help to explain UFOs.

What I enjoyed about the discussion was that the hosts were quite gracious and allowed Stuart to talk.  There was some real give and take during the episode.  There are times I likely would have not shown as much judicious patience and restraint as did Stuart and the whole thing could have gone sideways quite rapidly.  Instead, Stuart just stuck to the facts and gave his reasoned thoughts on his position.  It was rather engaging in a laid back academic way not a funny or over the top shock talk way.  The discussion runs a bit less than an hour and is the worth the effort to sit near your computer for the hour or do the gymnastics to load the episode onto your mobile MP3 device of choice.

Stuart has also recently released episode 106 of the Exposing PseudoAstronomy podcast dealing with the theory that the planets of our solar system were caused by a fission from the Sun and not formed by an accretion disc.  It's a good episode, although at times I was confused.  I think this was less Stuart's fault and more that the idea that the planets were spun out of the sun is a bit goofy.  (I read the transcript of the episode on Stuart's website and it gelled a bit more.)  On the episode Stuart shares that he'll be making an appearance on the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast to discuss the blood moon falling on a number of Jewish Holidays meaning the end is nigh.  It has become the new end of the world thing lately for example.

Stuart might also appear on Art Bell's Dark Matter radio network soon.  Alas, not with Art, but with one of his other hosts soon.  All in all, Stuart sounds like a busy guy.

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