Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prism Podcast interviews Dr. Novella

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The latest Prism Podcast was a very interesting and educational interview with Dr. Steven Novella of the SGU, Science Based Medicine, Neurologica Blog, and as one of the leading lights of skepticism in general.  The meat of the interview concerned what constitutes evidence and even more desirable science based medicine.  This included a discussion of what types of evidence and in particular what types of medical studies provide the best evidence to guide medical providers in their care.  An overview in the flaws within medicine are discussed as well as where does a provider’s experience begin after the evidence from the studies ends.  As well as touching upon that most healthcare providers do not read published studies with a critical eye other than there are a published study.  Published studies have a laundry list of pitfalls and problems in their own right much of the time.

We also learn why Dr. Novella famously does not like beer or enjoy black coffee. 

The discussion on reliable medical studies interestingly came shortly after my last blog post on where does a skeptic’s evidence come for their thoughts compared to what an expert healthcare provider might believe.  I sort of wish before getting into my next discussion with a healthcare provider on why some treatment modality they provide or endorse might actually be nonsense I would prime them by listening to this episode first.   Just to set the stage that I am not a loudmouth idiot.

I highly recommend this episode of Prism Podcast; it is well worth the 50-odd minute listen. The skeptic will cheer, and the non-skeptic might learn a little something on what skeptics are thinking.  

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