Thursday, June 12, 2014

Conspiracy Skeptic talks Koresh's tragic wacky Waco

Jamie Foley of the Skeptical Vegan blog was the latest guest on Karl Mamer’s Conspiracy Skeptic podcast.  The topic was the Waco siege and fire of the Branch Davidians compound that result in the death of too many and arrest of others in early 1993.  I really enjoyed this episode a lot.  Foley and Mamer clicked and had an informative discourse about the alleged Conspiracy that the government purposely set out to attack and kill the Davidians because . . . they had guns or something.  The motivation for the conspiracy apparently is not very clear, but the government killed on purpose this purportedly peaceful pack of Christians. 

Without spoiling the episode, Foley explains that there were indeed mistakes and missteps made by the ATF, FBI, and other government agencies.  However, the Davidians were armed to the teeth and were preparing for a cataclysmic end.  Unfortunately, they got what they were looking for in this terrible fiery end to their compound.  The Davidians had a very strange cult theology that had a heavy dose of sexual abuse of the female followers.  As cults sadly do too many times. 

I recall this event when it occurred.  It was tragic.  I remember a lot of folks who were none too happy seeing President Clinton being sworn into the White House suddenly popping up with Waco conspiracy theories.  As someone who attended a few gun shows in Central Pennsylvania in the mid to late 1990s before the inter-webs took over conspiracy media duty, there were VHS tape documentaries galore and self-published books aplenty on how Waco was a trap.  It was all a government ruse to take away everyone’s guns, and then hand us over to commie socialist control. (Yes. A huge percentage of the attendees wore camouflage.)  

It was a solid 70 minutes of wonderful Conspiracy Skeptic talk.  I quite enjoyed this stroll down bad memory lane.

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