Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paranormal Podcast interviews Ian Punnett

Coast to Coast AM is a popular late night talk show known for discussing topics of the paranormal, occult, conspiracy and other woo.  The show was started by the legendary Art Bell, and continues today with the main host, George Nory.  As the reader may be aware, I am a fan of Mr. Bell’s Coast to Coast AM.  Mr. Bell could be quite credulous, but he could also bring out insightful and interesting discussion with guests who were discussing all manner of questionable nonsense.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bell has not hosted Coast in quite some time and a comeback of Mr. Bell on Satellite radio did not work out for whatever reasons.  Another former weekend and fill-in host of the show was Ian Punnett who also had the knack for discussing the same woo topics with the right mix of credulousness, skepticism, and ability to get out of the guest an interesting discussion like Bell. 

Well, Mr. Punnett was recently a guest on Paranormal Podcast, and host Jim Harold did a fine half hour or so interview of Mr. Punnett.  The last time I listened to Harold’s podcast was when Sharon Hill of Doubtful News and recently the JREF was a guest.  That was a good interview, and once again Harold did an admirable job interviewing Punnett. 

Punnett discusses his thoughts on both Bell and Nory, and he is supportive of each and tries to avoid being in the Bell camp or Nory camp.  (There is a bit of a feud between the two, or at least between Bell and his fans and how Coast is being operated with Nory at the helm.)  Punnett shares that the reason he left Coast was due to his suffering of tinnitus.  I can empathize as I have the same buzz-ringing with my hearing, but Punnett’s tinnitus sounds more severe than mine.  Punnett gives his background as a DJ in various music stations before landing at Coast, and his life as a Episcopalian Deacon and hospital chaplain.  He shares his views on the intersection of faith, the paranormal, and his personal world view.  While I disagree with how he mixes it together, Punnett is not overbearing or dogmatic in sharing his thoughts, and if anything is a bit laid back in his approach.  I appreciated this, and it is this approach which I miss when he hosted Coast on the weekends. 

As fan of classic Coast and of Coast when Punnett ran the show on the weekends, I found this interview enjoyable and entertaining.  It felt like catching up with an old friend over lunch. 

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