Monday, September 1, 2014

Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast: Dr. Elizabeth Loftus

The Exposing PseudoAstronomy podcast was silent for the month of August.  Dr. Stuart Robbins has a lot going on in his personal and professional life and there was no time to produce new episodes. However, September 1st starts with a new episode that features an all too brief interview with Dr. Elizabeth Loftus.  The topic of the discussion is the intersection of memory, eye witness testimony, and UFOs.

However, what Drs. Robbins and Loftus discuss is applicable outside of the Unidentified Flying Object realm and is applicable to court testimony, reports of spying of Bigfoot, ghosts, and basically anything where human recall is implicated.  For me, one of the most important and often over-relied upon memories relied upon by proponents of whatever the proposition is the trained observer.  Alleged trained (or expert) observers of police, pilots, hunters, etc all have the same flawed, crummy memories of everyone else.  Another topic touched upon was the errors interviewers make when interviewing someone, and in the process accidentally corrupting the witness's recall.

The only negative about the episode was that it was an extremely short interview.  Everything was merely touched upon from alien abduction memories to the expert observer discussion.  I am certain Loftus is an exceedingly busy person, but the interview felt more like an extended teaser trailer for the movie rather than the movie itself.  I hope she can return as a guest in the future to focus on alleged memories of alien abductions, and other more UFO centered (if not specific) topics.  Loftus did give a very interesting talk at T.A.M., which I would recommend if one has a hour to spend to watch the video.

Unfortunately, more episodes in the next few months will likely be sparse as Robbins explains at the end of the episode he still has quite a busy schedule and podcast production is not a priority.  So enjoy this episode, perhaps take the 52 minutes to watch the above video, and wait it out for the next episode.


  1. I would've liked to spend more time with her, but when I asked how much time she had, she said 15 minutes. We went a few beyond that, and I was constantly keeping an eye on the clock during the interview to try to make sure we at least did touch on everything I had wanted to ask.

  2. I figure that from the interview and you noted the time. It's just a shame. I think a Loftus interview could easily be an interesting hour. Maybe sometime in the future?

  3. Perhaps. I have some more contacts from TAM to follow up on, though most are UFO-related, and I don't like to do lots of the same topic in a row.


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