Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014: end of year thoughts

I was going to write something in regard to the latest episode of Strange Frequencies Radio.  Jason and Bobby had an interesting discussion with John Tenney on the meaning of life if in fact the natural world is all that there is, and someday the universe is just going to peter out.  This is a question I wrestle with a lot.  As I wrote the whole thing became convoluted and a bit of a downer.  Anyway, it was an interesting conversation, and worth the listen.   

I then pondered doing a year in review with a look ahead.  The topic became long winded in regard to the past and a bit depressing in regard to the future.  Suffice it to say, I thoroughly enjoyed attending The Amazing Meeting 2014.  I do plan to attend another TAM.  I enjoyed attending the Exploring the Extraordinary Conference this past March, and I think more skeptics should attend cons held by the cultural competition.  ETE was mentally exhausting, but it’s nice to get out of the bubble.  I met some nice people. 

In the future, I would like to observe a some sort of paranormal investigation, and even get involved in some skeptical investigation of some Fortean event at some point.  I plan to keep writing this blog.  I have no idea on what schedule, but I do enjoy having a platform.  I hope the JREF works out its apparent leadership void.  The JREF having a board of directors but nobody at the helm for day to day tasks does not inspire confidence.  I am concerned.

I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog.  I do appreciate everyone who behind the scenes gives me a bit of support and makes me laugh and think.  In particular Dr. Stuart Robbins, Karl Mamer, Torkel Ødegård, and Sharon Hill fall into this category among others.  They all contribute far more skepticism than I can imagine, and have earned their place in the sun and my respect.  Most importantly I would not be doing any of this without the urging, thoughtful commentary and opinions of my wicked sharp and smoking hot editor.   Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or whatever holiday you wish to celebrate.  

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  1. "Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or whatever holiday you wish to celebrate."

    How about, Solchriskwanzukkah? :) And thank you.


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