Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Public Service Announcement For Skeptics: The Amazing Meeting 2015

The James Randi Educational Foundation has released the dates and a new location for The Amazing Meeting 2015.  That's right the site of the conference has moved back onto the Las Vegas strip from The South Point Hotel Casino and Spa to the storied Tropicana Resort.  I am a smidge upset that my two part posts on TAM 2014 which dealt a lot with a review of South Point will not be evergreen.  A location on the Strip near a cluster of other Strip resorts sounds rather appealing.  If for no other reason than there is some old school charm mentioning that one is staying at the Trop where Frank and Sammy and the rest of the Rat Pack held sway, and Elvis and Liberace might have mingled in the past.  Oh well.  At the very least one can walk to the Paris Resort and Casino and sample both their sweet and savory crepes -delicious. 

Not even George Hrab could hold a candle to these guys
While I am quite glad I attended TAM last year, and the new location of TAM stirs up some feelings of TAM envy in my bosom, I will not be attending this year.  As James Randi has retired from the JREF and this year’s TAM’s theme is celebrating Randi’s life and contribution to skepticism this appears to be a TAM not to miss if one is on the fence. Randi deserves a nice send off and thank you. 

Yes, the JREF has sustained a tumultuous year with leadership changes, the Los Angeles office being closed down, the website spinning off the forum, Randi’s retirement, and now an apparent leadership vacuum.  I would not be surprised if I am failing to note things above.  Yes, I harbor concerns that TAM, at least as it has been known and loved for well over a decade, might be coming to a close.  On the other hand, this might be the springboard to a great big beautiful skeptical tomorrow.  I have no idea.  I would suggest if one is on the fence on whether to attend this year, I would go.  For good or for ill, this year's event has the possibility to be one for the books. Hopefully, I will be at TAM 2016 or 2017. 

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  1. Ditto. I'll be in Maryland at Command Central for New Horizons' encounter with Pluto on July 14, so there's no way I can attend.


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