Sunday, February 22, 2015

SGU quickie

I do not desire this blog to turn into a Skeptics' Guide to the Universe watch.  However, I noted that someone named Jennifer Dixon was a guest Rogue.  Having no recollection of a Jennifer Dixon anywhere else within skepdom and intrigued I decided listen to the beginning of the podcast.  

Turns out Dixon, a former gamer podcaster and former computer programer, is an evolutionary biologist.  Anyway, Dixon turn out to be an excellent guest Rogue.  She kept pace with the other Rogues which with their history must be a challenge for nearly anyone.  Also, as a working scientist she was able to go toe to toe with Dr. Novella, which took away from some of the staleness the show has been suffering from for a bit.  

Her knowledge base was quite helpful in the Rogues discussion of the DNA sampling of supplements manufactured controversy, and recent news stories on when mammals began to allegedly "outwit' dinosaurs.  I ended up listening to the entire episode.  All in all, Dixon made an excellent Rogue.  I hope she returns on the show again.  

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