Monday, November 21, 2016

SFR talks Bobby's Nightmare come true: President Trump

The latest episode of Strange Frequencies Radio is dedicated to the election of President-elect Donald J. Trump to the Office of the President of the United States.  SFR, as noted by the hosts Bobby and Jason, at the end of the episode, is no longer a paranormal podcast.   The show started as pro-paranormal, and slowly but surely came around to a skeptical view of weird things.  Then, over the past year or so, the show has evolved yet again from skeptical discussions of paranormal topics with the occasional forays into popular culture and politics to a decidedly political/culture show.

As a skeptic, a former Republican, and someone who did not vote for President-elect Trump, I was curious how Jason and Bobby would opine on the outcome of the election.  Particularly Bobby, who has been acutely concerned at the prospect of a Trump presidency since the beginning of the year. While I could quibble with some details of their discussion, overall, I thought Bobby and Jason offered a thoughtful and generally fair discussion.   Their observations were objective with criticisms of not only Hillary Clinton, but also some modestly positive things about the President-elect.

If the need to ruminate about the election continues in your brain on how results came to be, and see how others within the skeptical worldview might look to the future, I recommend giving Episode 394 a listen.  I do not completely agree with their take on everything they discuss. Yet, I do appreciate the thoughtfulness of their views.

In more positive news, Sharon Hill of Doubtful News and I discuss the recent Federal Trade Commission policy statement regarding homeopathic products on an Extra edition of the 15 Credibility Street podcast.  The Feds are finally starting to take homeopathy as seriously as do the many people who turn to these premodern medicine nostrums to treat their ailments.  The episode is about fifteen minutes and can be heard on iTunes, your podcatcher of choice, or below.

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