Sunday, December 4, 2016

Episode Five of 15 Credibility Street (Yes. 152 is not 187)

Doubtful News has produced another episode of 15 Credibility Street.  Of note, Sharon, Torkel, and I discuss the recent return of the Moth-man in West Virginia which segues into a discussion of teaching critical thinking to children.  Here a brief discussion of politics and skepticism occurs where Sharon and I note our occasional significant differences.  (Actually, I do not think we are that different in a wide range of areas, but in regard to specific constitutional issues, we are day and night.) We also discuss the alleged UFO flap over Turkey that hit social media recently, but not the skies over Turkey.

numbers baffle me
The Skeptical Review debuts a new segment on the show: A Podcast Shoutout.   I briefly discuss a episode of Exposing PseudoAstronomy that I found particularly interesting, and I include a clip of Dr. Robbins during the segment.  (The correct episode number is 152.  I say something different in the segment.  I don't know why.  My apologies.) The audio clip circle is complete.  I am not sure how often this segment will be in the podcast, but it may pop up from time to time.

Finally, we discuss a recent episode of the Comedy Channel show of Drunk History.  The episode does their take on telling the story of the Fox Sisters, and we discuss if the episode was skeptical of the sisters and their claims.  Unfortunately, I was unable to convince Sharon of the crude charm of the program.  (Ed. note: Seriously, check out the episode with Liev Schreiber; it is awesome.)

Overall, I think the episode comes off rather nicely.  If there is an unintended lesson that can be learned from the episode, it might be that skeptics do not have to agree on everything to cooperate. Whether a particular cable reality show is entertaining and modestly informative, or there is disagreement over a thorny constitutional question, just because people disagree on some issues does not mean the end of collaboration.

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