Thursday, February 26, 2015

3652: Technology and Podcast Listening

Over the course of the year I plan to post occassional observations and reflections upon how Skepticism (what I enjoy referring to as skepdom) has changed and shifted over the last decade.  2005 was the year I became aware of Skepdom and started to think of myself as a Skeptic. 

As the internet has matured, the changes with the technology have altered how I consume my skeptical content.  One of the interesting things I have noticed is that as time has gone on, I tend to listen to less skeptical podcasts, and read more material.  Part of the reason I think has to do with the ease of learning of and about new items of interest. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SGU quickie

I do not desire this blog to turn into a Skeptics' Guide to the Universe watch.  However, I noted that someone named Jennifer Dixon was a guest Rogue.  Having no recollection of a Jennifer Dixon anywhere else within skepdom and intrigued I decided listen to the beginning of the podcast.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: Episode 501

I have been an irregular listener to the SGU for the past year.  I tend to only listen to parts of an episode here or there.  It's not that the quality of the show faltered.  It has maintained a high and consistent level for some years.  However, that very consistency over the years has also made it grow a bit stale.  I get it.  To speak in my local slang, 'don't bust something that ain't broke.'  Really, all the Rogues but especially Dr. Novella should be commended for producing a weekly podcast like clockwork and keeping the show from getting into all of the skeptical infighting.  
cover picture from SGU #1

I made a point to listen to this week's episode #501 as it was a house party to celebrate the production of 500 episodes. I have to say the episode felt like a breath of fresh air.  The general organization of the show was the typical beginning banter, some news items, then science or fiction.  However, added to the mix were Massimo Pigliucci, Jon Blumenfeld, Larry Fitzgerald, Joe Novella, and Joshie Berger.  Further, they were all in the same room together which also helps in keeping conversation flowing.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Darwin Day

It’s Darwin Day.  

Charles Darwin is clearly a giant of science, and more than worthy of recognition.  Yet, Darwin Day is a mistake.  The cultural competition who spout anti-scientific and pseudo-scientific claptrap do not refer to the Theory of Evolution by means of natural selection.  They refer to "Darwinism."  This is a play to paint those who are science supporters and advocates not as following the evidence that supports evolutionary theory, but instead are merely following the word of Darwin the person as if he were a deity.  I fear celebrating Darwin's birthday comes across to those not all that invested in the struggle between those who base their world view on evidence and those who base their world view on faith to place Darwin on the same level as Jesus, Mosses, or the Pope in Rome.  It’s some guy’s view versus some other guy’s (or book’s) view, rather than we have evidence and they have not.